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A Last-Minute Gift Guide for the Podcaster in Your Life

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love giving gifts. I just find so much joy in picking out the perfect thing, giving thought to what my friends would enjoy and get good use out of. I figured it might be helpful to someone out there to put together this list, specifically for the podcasters out there. Here goes:

For the Listener:

1. A Patreon membership to their favorite show could cost anywhere from $5-100/month which gives it quite a bit of flexibility. Here are some links to popular podcast Patreon pages:

2. An Audible Membership if they really can't get enough audio content. It's like $8/month but there are so many discount codes out there for audible, it shouldn't be hard to find one.

For the Host:

1. PodDecks - $15

A card deck with ice breakers/interview questions for podcasters.

A game changer for video interviews (sure, use it for your podcast, but you can also use it for streaming or job interviews or zoom lectures).

For the Producer:

You may say - "Hey, Grace, a gift card is a cop out!" and hey! You're right. But honestly, I wouldn't recommend getting mics/day-to-day gear unless you know what they already have. I do think gift cards to more specialized stores come off as more thoughtful (as opposed to visa gift cards or amazon, etc.) If you find out what your podcaster buddy has in terms of equipment, feel free to shoot me a message and I can send some gear recs your way.

Not a glamorous gift but my laptop stand was truly a game changer for my terrible back and wrists.

For all of my obsessive planners out there.

Happy Holidays, folks, and good luck finding that perfect gift!

- Grace

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